WhirlyBall & Laser-Sport: Games for Groups to Reduce Stress in Summit County, Ohio Grown-Ups!

If you hear the words, “where a kid can be a kid,” coming from your Akron, Ohio television or Fairlawn, Ohio radio, you probably know instantly what’s being advertised.  But what about a place “where an adult can be a kid”?  Really, is it fair that kids get to have all the fun while adults are relegated to the roles of chaperones and chauffeurs?  No way!  Well, there’s good news for adults in Summit County, Ohio who want to reduce stress and feel like a kid again, just for a bit.  It’s WhirlyBall & Laser-Sport in Bedford Heights, Ohio, and it offers games for grown-ups that give adults a chance to escape the real world for just a bit, grab a drink with friends, and just play.  They’re also games for groups, so be sure to bring a friend (or twenty)!

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