Building 9 Lets You Reduce Energy Expenses & Save on Installation with Replacement Windows for the Wooster, Ohio Area

No one wants to think about it, but we don’t have much choice.  By this time next month in Wayne County, Ohio, we could be battling frost.  Of course, a week later, it could be back to 80 degree temperatures in Wooster, Ohio.  Nevertheless, with energy costs on the rise, we’re all looking for ways to keep those costs down in our Dalton, Ohio and Orrville, Ohio homes.  The first step in reducing your energy bill is to look for places in your home where you may be leaking precious heat (and money): your windows.  Top quality Silver Line® by Andersen windows are available at Building 9 in Massillon, Ohio at close-out prices, and the time to buy is now!  One trip to Building 9 will help you reduce energy expenses, save on windows, and even save on installation.

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