Visit Kames Sports for Affordable Camping Supplies and Recreational Kayaks from Akron to Malvern, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

Numerous people from Malvern, Ohio, to Alliance, Ohio, would agree that summer is the best season of the year. Enjoying the water is the main summer attraction for many outdoor enthusiasts, whether it be camping, hiking, or in a fishing or recreational kayak. Many families from Massillon, Ohio, and beyond work hard during the winter and look forward to spending sunny weekends enjoying a campfire and hiking the trails by their campsite. Replacing camping equipment gradually each year as it wears out is a great idea, and Kames Sports is the perfect local sporting goods store at which to find sleeping bags, hiking gear, pie irons, battery-powered lanterns, fire starters, and more. Affordable camping supplies are also perfect for Father’s Day gifts for those dads that love being outdoors near West Branch Lake and Munroe Falls. Living near Akron, Ohio, gives thousands of people access to a multitude of lakes on which to appreciate the summer sun.

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