Medicine Center Pharmacy Offers Free Gifts to Northeast Ohio Residents with Their Birthday Club!

Many people believe that the best feeling in the world comes from giving a gift to someone you care about. And that is very true. Wrapping up your carefully chosen item, presenting it to the recipient, anxiously waiting to see their reaction when they open it… It’s very exciting! But it’s safe to say that we enjoy receiving presents as well—especially on our birthdays. While you might expect to get gifts from friends, family members, and co-workers, did you know that you can also receive a free gift from your local Northeast Ohio pharmacy? That’s right! The caring pharmacy staff at Medicine Center Pharmacy surprises their Birthday Club members with a gift on their birthdays. Not only can you get affordable health and wellness supplies at each of the Canton, Ohio; Louisville, Ohio; Alliance, Ohio; and New Philadelphia, Ohio locations, but you can celebrate your birthday too!

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