Drivers in Uniontown, Ohio, Can Trust AJ’s Transmissions with High-Performance Racing & Diesel Transmissions

By Fiona Vernon

An individual in Portage Lakes, Ohio, may have woken up in the morning to a puddle of red or brown fluid on the ground where their car was last parked or another in New Franklin, Ohio, may have noticed that they hear grinding when they are shifting gears and that their vehicle is not shifting smoothly. Anyone who has been driving for any amount of time has experienced car issues and the anxiety that accompanies them; however, that stress can be alleviated with one phone call to the honest and friendly people at AJ’s Transmissions. This local transmission shop not only offers affordable transmission rebuilds and repairs on diesel, high-performance, racing, standard, and automatic transmissions of any size, but they also provide two different venues for car repair financing to ease the pain for someone not financially prepared for an unexpected issue. Whether someone in Lakemore, Ohio, needs affordable clutch repair or another in Uniontown, Ohio, notices that their check transmission light is lit up, AJ’s Transmissions offers free transmission diagnostics and the best service!

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