ARS Video Inc. Offers Affordable, High-Quality Video Services to Northeast Ohio Families

Unlike other Northeast Ohio businesses that transfer video and film to DVD, those at ARS Video Inc. don’t think it’s fair to charge customers a flat fee per tape regardless of how long or short it is. Instead, their staff members time out every VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, Hi-8, D-8 and/or MiniDV tape and base their pricing on the total hours of tapes to be transferred. Also, if they see that you have any TV on your home movies while they’re timing them out, they don’t transfer it. So, unlike their competition that charges per tape regardless of what’s on them, with the quality video services from ARS Video you only pay for what you want transferred—your own personal memories—not for any blank tapes or TV. Their video transfer department repairs damaged video tapes for residents throughout Cleveland, Ohio and Beachwood, Ohio as well.

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