Spend a Day at Yutzy’s Farm Market in Plain City, Ohio and Even Bring Home a Play Mor Wooden Play Set!

While the weather may still be a little on the unpleasant side, it won’t be long until spring hits our area, bringing sunshine and warm temperatures with it! And when that first day of spring arrives, your little ones will undoubtedly be eager to get outside and play. Unfortunately, playtime may be a little on the dull side if they don’t have anything to play on, which is why you may want to take a trip over to Yutzy’s Farm Market in Plain City, Ohio. In addition to their deli meats and cheeses, fresh produce, bulk foods, and lawn furniture, this local establishment also has a wide assortment of outdoor play sets from Play Mor! When you make the short drive from your Worthington, Ohio; Hilliard, Ohio; or Dublin, Ohio home to Yutzy’s Farm Market, not only will you be able to shop for groceries and outdoor furnishings, but a wooden play set that your children will be able to enjoy for years to come! As these quality swing sets are crafted by Play Mor Swing Sets’ master woodworkers, they’re built to last significantly longer than the metal or plastic children’s swing sets from your local big box store.

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