For Quality Passenger Vans and More, Visit Mercedes-Benz of Akron near Tallmadge, Ohio!

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter_LogoHave you been considering updating the vehicle fleet of your transportation company this year? Whether your Cleveland, Ohio area business revolves around providing local tours or around shuttling individuals between locations, you need passenger vehicles you can depend on. Unfortunately, many commercial vans are bulky or lack the design needed to keep your customers comfortable during their travels. If you’re looking to invest in a compact commercial van with a spacious interior for your transportation company, pay a visit to Mercedes-Benz of Akron near Tallmadge, Ohio.  Here, you can browse through their selection of Metris Passenger Vans to find the one that best accommodates your business needs this year.

Why choose one of these quality passenger vans for your Canton, Ohio area transportation company over another? Unlike some commercial vans, the Metris Passenger Vans available at Mercedes-Benz of Akron were designed to fit in a standard garage. If you have restricted garage space at your Wadsworth, Ohio area location, this can be exceptionally beneficial! Best of all, these spacious business vans can comfortably seat up to eight individuals while still providing each passenger with plenty of legroom and shoulder room. Other ways these Metris Passenger Vans set themselves apart from the competition include:

  • Best-in-Class Turning Radius
  • Electric Sliding Side Doors
  • Up to 15,000 Mile Service Intervals
  • Efficient Gasoline Engine
  • And More!

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