Take Advantage of Terra Patio & Garden’s Home Décor Sale in Walnut Creek, California

All across the country, families are completely changing the way the backyard is used. No longer is your outdoor space merely a place to plant flowers or let the pets roam free—it’s now a fully-functional living room under the sky. By putting in outdoor rugs and other quality outdoor furnishings, homeowners are able to transform their yards into cozy reading spots, play areas, dining rooms and elaborate entertainment zones. And with the weather as agreeable as it is in the Lafayette, Pleasanton and Danville areas, local residents have the perfect opportunity to lay down a deck covering, move in a beautiful teak dining set, add an umbrella for shade, and dub the backyard the family’s new favorite place to relax and unwind. Everything you need to begin crafting your outdoor living room can be found at Terra Patio & Garden in Walnut Creek. And since this popular establishment is running a home décor sale from April 19th-25th in celebration of their anniversary, you can begin your project by purchasing a lovely outdoor carpet for your patio.

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