Sword Furs in Westlake, Ohio Offers Quality Fur Storage and Alterations for Your Coat this Spring!

Now that spring is in the air, many of us are putting away our heavy fur coats and bringing out our lighter leathers. However, what do you do with your fur coats until next winter? Rather than putting them in your basement or attic where they can become damaged from moisture and heat, take them to Sword Furs in Westlake, Ohio. This quality company offers local fur storage so your furs stay protected from moths, moisture, and more!

Don’t just take your luxurious coat in to store it; consider investing in a remodel or alteration to your old coat to turn it into something much more your style or just the right fit again. What makes getting your coat remodel done at Sword Furs even better is that they offer on-site fur alterations rather than sending it out somewhere else like other companies may do. Whether you’re looking for a quality fur cleaning for your favorite coat or want to safely store your furs this spring in the Cleveland, Ohio or Parma, Ohio area, contact Sword Furs. Their friendly staff will be more than happy to help you with all your coat needs this spring!

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