Take Advantage of the Chocolate Sale at Jan’s Confectionary Supplies near Parma, Ohio This Thanksgiving!

Chocolate is one of the most beloved confections around. In fact, if you were to conduct a survey in candy shops throughout Cleveland, Ohio and Lakewood, Ohio, chances are that many customers would tell you their favorite treat is smooth, sweet, decadent chocolate! Whether enjoyed on its own or included in a pastry, chocolate has the ability to bring smiles to the faces of those who eat it. So, it only makes sense that Jan’s Confectionary Supplies near Parma, Ohio carries a wide variety of high-quality chocolate including Merckens chocolate and Van Leer chocolate. Perfect for candy making and dessert baking, the chocolate available at this local retailer is a great addition to any dish. And since Jan’s Confectionary Supplies will be running their chocolate sale during the week of Thanksgiving, customers will find that they can purchase this tasty ingredient in bulk for an affordable price!

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