Eshelman Legal Group Can Help Akron, Ohio Residents with Drug Litigation

Every year hundreds of new drugs are manufactured and presented to the public as cures for a number of ailments. From depression medication to cholesterol pills, the general population is inundated with claims that these drugs can help the conditions for which they are taken. Unfortunately, a significant portion of FDA-approved drugs turn out to do more harm than good, having adverse affects that aren’t detected until used by the general public. Since the FDA can approve new drugs for marketing without performing any long-term testing if the product will benefit the public interest, many individuals end up suffering from complications that could have been easily avoided. Eshelman Legal Group, a well-respected team of personal injury lawyers in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, believes that individuals who have died or have been seriously harmed by inadequately tested drugs should not go without justice. As an office that deals with drug litigation, Eshelman Legal Group has helped people throughout the Akron, Ohio and Hudson, Ohio areas to build up their prescription drug cases in order to obtain the damages they deserve. If you or a loved one has suffered from the use of prescription medication and seek to file a bad drug lawsuit, Eshelman Legal Group can provide the knowledge and expertise you need.

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