Residents Living In And Around Tallmadge, Ohio, Looking For Experienced Shuttle Bus Repair For Fixing Vehicles For Graduation Parties Can Contact PTS Automotive Today

By Fiona Vernon

For the residents of Tallmadge, Ohio, and beyond, graduation season is coming up quickly. This means plans for parties are being made, end of semester trips are being conceived, and college and high school sports teams are ending their terms in epic games across the state. This all has one specific thing in common: transportation. Without the proper and safe mode of transportation, these kids and graduates will not be able to fulfill their plans, and this is where PTS Automotive steps in. This local fleet repair center based out of Akron, Ohio, specializes in generalized fleet services like fleet engine work, fleet tire replacement, fleet suspension work, and more. They are a trustworthy company that will go above and beyond to ensure the safety requirements are met and exceeded during their fleet vehicle maintenance. For those living from Portage Lakes, Ohio, to Barberton, Ohio, looking for someone to execute experienced shuttle bus repair to fix winter vehicle damage can call PTS Automotive for only the best fleet vehicle repair around. If one is interested in fixing vehicles for graduation parties and to repair their fleet after winter, then this affordable shuttle bus repair and shuttle bus maintenance company is the place to go! With specialties in shuttle bus AC repair, affordable car and truck care, and fleet wheel services, PTS Automotive is the best place to go for all fleet needs!

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Find Discount 4×4 Vehicles and More at Jay’s Auto Sales near Medina, Ohio this Season!

Has your vehicle stopped working? Does the cold weather prevent your vehicle from running reliably during your Massillon, Ohio travels? Rather than spend another winter suffering with a vehicle you can’t depend on, pay a visit to Jay’s Auto Sales. At this local dealership, you can find a variety of discount pre-owned vehicles at a price you can afford. Best of all, Jays Auto Sales has plenty of pre-owned winter vehicles available on their lot for you to choose from for your Medina, Ohio or Akron, Ohio commute. Looking for something specific? Many individuals are preparing for the upcoming snowy season by investing in a vehicle that has 4-wheel drive (4WD). Right now, Jay’s Auto Sales has a great selection of affordable trucks and discount 4×4 vehicles available on their lot that will help you better navigate the winter weather in the Strongsville, Ohio area and beyond this season.

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