Dave Walter Volkswagen Offers New and Pre-Owned Volkswagen Vehicles to the Lorain County area!

Some vehicles never go out of style in Lorain County, Ohio, while others bring a new style to the automotive world with each new model that is brought out. Because there are so many models to choose from, Dave Walter Volkswagen is proud to offer an extensive collection of Volkswagens on their lot! Their new Volkswagen vehicles range in a variety of different styles, colors, and features for you to choose from. One of these amazing vehicles is the new Volkswagen Beetle! The Volkswagen Beetle has been an iconic member of the Volkswagen family for years. Now, this new Beetle displays an appearance reminiscent of the original style from the 1940s! Would you prefer a pre-owned Volkswagen vehicle like the Beetle over a new one for your Elyria, Ohio or Wellington, Ohio travel needs? No problem! Pre-owned vehicles tend to be more cost effective for those on a budget, and they’re just as reliable as their new counterparts! Whether you’re interested in a Beetle, Passat, Jetta, or something else entirely, Dave Walter Volkswagen can help!

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