Find Extensive Oilfield Preparation and Safety at Great Lakes Truck Driving School near Hermitage, Pennsylvania

By Fiona Vernon

The oilfield industry has gone through major changes over the past decade, and Great Lakes Truck Driving School teaches all the technological and safety precautions required for students interested in advancing in a career in the field. Oilfield preparation contains many facets that that are extensively covered in a variety of programs offered by Great Lakes with the intention of adapting to everyone’s needs. The condensed program contains classes aimed at learning skills in the drilling industry, such as OSHA Crane and Rigging Certification, H2S Safety, and oilfield and pipeline safety training. The more extensive program encompasses all the previously named courses plus training on heavy equipment for drilling. Potential students can take the short drive from Hermitage, Pennsylvania; Jamestown, Pennsylvania; or Greenville, Pennsylvania, to view the oilfield training facility to determine its suitability to their needs.

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