The Silent Mind of Twinsburg, Ohio Discusses Mental Training and the “Bigger” Mind

Last month, The Silent Mind’s own Tim Loomis shared his thoughts on the nature of the mind in this day and age. The mind he spoke of was the thinking mind which is rather limited in its perceptive abilities. This is the mind that constantly worries about everyday life and creates problems to solve. This is the mind that can completely take over one’s life if mental training isn’t put in place. This month, the Twinsburg, Ohio wellness coach will speak of the Bigger Mind.  While spiritual teachers of all cultures speak of this mind, each has their own term for it. In order to avoid confusion, the following discussion will focus on the Mind (capital “M”) while merely touching on the thinking mind (lowercase “m”). The Silent Mind knows how damaging it can be when one lets the latter take over, which is why this Northeast Ohio health studio informs readers about guided meditation, de-stress techniques and allowing the Mind to emerge.

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