The Silent Mind of Twinsburg, Ohio Discusses the Nature of the Human Mind and the Idea of Mind Development

René Descartes, widely regarded as the father of modern philosophy, is responsible for the now famous phrase, “I think, therefore I am.” While this statement was made over 370 years ago, it has become an extremely important idea, helping to shape the logical thinking process of nearly the entire globe. However, despite Descartes’ invaluable contribution to philosophy as we know it, there is now a commonly held belief that he may have gotten it wrong. The consensus of Descartes and most 17-20th century philosophers was that the human thinking mind was the greatest creation in existence, capable of overcoming any and all obstacles in its path. Many of us can attest to the fact that this idea is false and that we actually possess quite a limited mind in the grand scheme of things. The Silent Mind of Twinsburg, Ohio addresses this issue frequently, as this Northeast Ohio martial arts studio places great emphasis on spiritual enlightenment and mind development. Providing mental, physical and spiritual coaching, The Silent Mind’s own Tim Loomis unveils the flaws in the philosophical logic of long ago and helps students understand the present limitations of our thinking.

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