Contact Foxx Transportation of Medina, Ohio When You Need a Medical Ride!

Try as we might to plan ahead, none of us can really predict the future. Say you schedule a visit to your family physician for a yearly check-up and you ask a friend or family member to give you a lift. What happens when something suddenly comes up and they’re no longer able to take you? Where does that leave you? Simple. It leaves you right in front of your phone, about to dial Foxx Transportation. Why? Well, because Foxx Transportation’s ambulette transportation service is used for just this purpose—non-emergency medical rides. Whether your doctor’s office is located in Strongsville, Ohio, or you need to visit Cleveland Hopkins, Foxx Transportation will provide transportation to your doctor appointment and get you there on time. This Medina, Ohio company has helped hundreds of individuals around the area with medical transport, so when you find yourself without a ride, just give them a call and they’ll pick you up right outside of your Brunswick, Ohio home.

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