Get Self-Defense Training for Your Child from Dale McCutcheon’s Martial Arts Academy in Uniontown, Ohio

Media outlets throughout the country have recently been reporting on a 10-year-old girl who was kidnapped and eventually killed by a middle-school football coach. Though this heinous crime took place in Missouri, parents throughout our own area have started to worry that the same thing could happen to their own children. The idea that a stranger could abduct a child who was walking home from a friend’s house is a scenario that no parent wants to imagine, but the fact is that such terrible things do occasionally happen. And that’s what makes child safety so important. However, while teaching little ones to stay away from unknown individuals can help with abduction prevention, sometimes it isn’t enough on its own. If someone were to come off the street and into your Hartville, Ohio or Akron, Ohio yard when you weren’t around, you would want your child to know how to get away and alert the closest friend, family member, or law enforcement official. Luckily, that type of self-defense training can be obtained at Dale McCutcheon’s Martial Arts Academy in Uniontown, Ohio. Believing that youth self defense is a vital part of keeping our little ones safe, this local martial arts studio gives students the tools they need to protect themselves against attackers.

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