Students in Ravenna, Ohio, Find Healthy Stress Relief and a Break from Homework at Akron Break Room

by Fiona Vernon


The school year is well under way, as is witnessed by the amount of stress seen in students. They’re approaching or have had their first tests. They know if the material is difficult, or if they’ll sail right through the class with an A. It doesn’t matter whether someone in Massillon, Ohio, needs relief from homework or a person working in Medina, Ohio, needs to release job stress. Akron Break Room provides something unique to do that’s much more fun than therapy. This local rage room provides a safe space for healthy stress relief and many additional mental health benefits. Whether a group of friends in Ravenna, Ohio, is having a birthday and they want a fun night out, or a couple from Barberton, Ohio, wants entertainment with a workout, they will laugh as they let their emotions out when they visit Akron Break Room. Call 330.388.3952 or visit their website for affordable therapy!

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