Akers Signs Offers Live LED Demos to Organizations Throughout the Akron Area


By Gemma Chriss

Years ago, a simple wooden sign was enough to entice potential customers into paying a visit to a new establishment. These days it takes a lot more to stop people in their tracks. Fortunately, that’s why businesses like Akers Signs exist—to provide restaurants, boutiques, car dealerships, theaters, and even churches with the LED signage they need to attract attention from passersby. To demonstrate just how effective color LED signs truly are, this local sign company near Akron, Ohio has started to offer live LED demos to anyone with an interest in electronic displays.

“Our full color LED signs are without doubt the most eye-catching and versatile signs you can have for your business. You can display photo realistic graphics, run gorgeous animations and even display full motion video on many of the models. If you really want to make a true marketing impact for your business, the full color LED sign is what you need.” AkersLed.com

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