Hey Neighbor Helps North Canton, Ohio, Clean Their Indoor Air with an Air Purifier That Kills COVID-19

By Fiona Vernon

The pandemic is showing no signs of easing up any time soon, so homeowners may be concerned about the cleanliness of their indoor air as each family member goes out into the COVID-infested world and comes home. Hey Neighbor can help ensure their customer’s safety with the Aerus Hydroxyl Blaster air purifier that has been proven to kill COVID-19. When people from North Canton, Ohio, to Greentown, Ohio, want to improve their home’s energy efficiency, this reputable heating company has a wide selection of products and services that will help lower their utility bills, including the installation of smart home thermostats and HEPA air filters. When a furnace is not blowing warm air or is unevenly heating the rooms, they provide affordable furnace installation and repair and have been for over 30 years. Everyone from Brewster, Ohio, to North Lawrence, Ohio, who wants to ensure their family’s comfort and safety will find that they can count on Hey Neighbor for the best technicians in the industry!

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