Ohio-Based Direct Action Company Offers Equine Wound Care Made from Antimicrobials

Just like us, animals occasionally get injured. Perhaps even more so since they’re often held outdoors. And just like humans, these cuts, scrapes and lesions need to be taken care of before they get infected. But since the horses in your New York, Virginia, or Florida stables are in such close quarters, it’s even more vital to protect them before an infection has the potential to spread to the rest of the herd. In that case you need more than just horse injury aid; you need an equine bacterial product that can sanitize your animals’ entire quarters and assist with infection prevention for horses. Before you start worrying about a minor cut on your prized mare’s flank, you may want to consider equine wound care from Direct Action Company. The PuriShield product available from this Ohio-based company is not only helpful for speeding up healing, but halting the spread of disease!

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