Premier Fitness Source in Atlanta, Georgia Discusses the Benefits of Precor Ellipticals

By Gemma Chriss

premier fitness_logo_thinDespite there being a wide variety of home gym machines on the market, elliptical machines tend to be the most popular option among those wanting to exercise in their own private space. Unlike treadmills, ellipticals allow users to target different muscle groups for a more complete workout. However, it’s important to note that like all gym equipment, ellipticals vary from one brand to the next. That’s why the staff members at each of Premier Fitness Source’s three locations throughout Atlanta, Georgia and Alpharetta, Georgia tend to recommend Precor ellipticals over other brands. Residents in Columbus, Georgia and Savannah, Georgia can reap a number of benefits from installing Precor products in their workout space, particularly one of the manufacturer’s highly rated ellipticals. These advanced machines possess three important biomechanical characteristics that provide users with a safe, effective workout. Continue reading