Glen F. Buttacavoli, Massillon, Ohio Elder Law Attorney, Navigates Medicaid Maze

Elder Law Attorney Glen F. Buttacavoli, located in Massillon, Ohio wants to help his clients navigate the veritable maze that is Medicaid. Glen has seen many unfortunate and avoidable circumstances arise because people have tried to tackle this complicated system on their own. To get the most from Medicaid and to maintain as many of your assets as possible, you need an expert, and Glen F. Buttacavoli is the best Elder Law Attorney in the Massillon and Canton, Ohio area.

There are many myths surrounding Medicaid. One of the primary reasons for these misconceptions has to do with how Medicaid is administered. Medicaid is a nationwide program that is in an almost constant state of flux. Rules and regulations change often, and also vary from one state to the next. An Elder Law Attorney, like Massillon’s Glen F. Buttacavoli, looks at each client’s individual situation, and helps them to determine the best way to proceed. Continue reading