Silca System Creates Thousands of Deck Flooring Options from Houston, Texas, to Indianapolis, Indiana

By Fiona Vernon

Homeowners from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Indianapolis, Indiana, spend the winters seeing their decks covered in snow and ice, imagining the damage being caused by the weather. They have frequently contemplated how they would like to upgrade to a low-maintenance deck as the warmer weather approaches. Individuals who have a traditional wooden deck grow weary of the annual power washing, staining, and sealing necessary to keep the wooden planks from molding and rotting. Once the decision has been made to improve one’s outdoor living space and summer arrives, it is finally time to start the anticipated deck project. One of the first steps in planning this outdoor project is deciding upon the right amount of deck appropriate for the home. Choosing the flooring is the next step, which is the fun and creative part. After researching the alternatives, people find that when transforming their wooden deck to an easy-to-install stone deck, there is a vast array of style and color options available to them by using the Silca System. A wide variety of beautiful deck flooring options are open to everyone from Houston, Texas, to San Diego, California, with these environmentally-friendly plastic grates. Stone decks offer the best of outdoor entertainment with very little maintenance required.

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