Anyone in Lubbock, Texas, Can Find the Best Custom-Built Off-Road Ford E4OD at Gearstar Performance Transmission

By Fiona Vernon

The automobile industry has transformed dramatically over the past century, from the invention of motorized transportation to the technological advancements that have caused the industry to thrive. The same is true of introducing new components. They are tested to get the kinks out then, as technology improves, and time goes on, products are improved upon. The E4OD was the successor to the C6 and was Ford’s first electronically controlled automatic transmission. Gearheads from Nashville, Tennessee, to Lubbock, Texas, who are looking for a Level 3 extreme-duty, tow-and-go off-road high performance automatic transmission can rely on the master technicians at Gearstar Performance Transmissions. This hot rod transmission company offers the best horsepower transferring systems from Los Angeles, California, to Savannah, Georgia. Customers who have trusted them in the past can attest to the quality and passion that go into each custom-built Ford, GM, and Mopar performance transmission.

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