Anyone in Lubbock, Texas, Can Find the Best Custom-Built Off-Road Ford E4OD at Gearstar Performance Transmission

By Fiona Vernon

The automobile industry has transformed dramatically over the past century, from the invention of motorized transportation to the technological advancements that have caused the industry to thrive. The same is true of introducing new components. They are tested to get the kinks out then, as technology improves, and time goes on, products are improved upon. The E4OD was the successor to the C6 and was Ford’s first electronically controlled automatic transmission. Gearheads from Nashville, Tennessee, to Lubbock, Texas, who are looking for a Level 3 extreme-duty, tow-and-go off-road high performance automatic transmission can rely on the master technicians at Gearstar Performance Transmissions. This hot rod transmission company offers the best horsepower transferring systems from Los Angeles, California, to Savannah, Georgia. Customers who have trusted them in the past can attest to the quality and passion that go into each custom-built Ford, GM, and Mopar performance transmission.

The E4OD followed the C6 and led to the 4R100. It boasts electronic shift controls that replaced the hydraulic governor control of the C6 and comes equipped with four forward speeds. The Ford Level 3 high performance E4OD automatic transmission that is custom built by Gearstar Performance Transmission is ideal for off-road and towing applications and can be found in vehicles like the Bronco, Expedition, and the F-Series. This tow-and-go transmission can offer additional horsepower and torque with the super sport model that has modifications performed by this hot rod transmission company for any dedicated motorhead from Lubbock to Los Angeles. They have also installed a Transgo heavy-duty reprogramming shift kit with gear command and a new cooler bypass tube assembly with a 30,000 GVW Cooler and integrated fan to fix the two biggest problems that plagued the stock trans, which was shifting too softly and easily overheating. These upgrades will maximize its original durability, minimize internal heat build-up, and increase the crispness of the overall power delivery, whether using the vehicle on or off-road.

What a difference a high performance automatic transmission makes when it is matched to its appropriate torque converter, and anyone from Savannah to Nashville will notice this high quality with any custom-built Mopar, GM, or Ford performance transmission for which they commission Gearstar Performance Transmission. Those who want quick and firm shifts, and the feel of power can rely on one of the five master technicians at this off-road transmission company who is assigned to and follows each project throughout its entirety. They pay attention to even the smallest details, knowing that the high performance or racing transmission customer is dedicated to building their pride and joy and place higher demands on their vehicles than the average family car.  Gearstar doesn’t offer off-the-shelf transmissions but customizes each one to the specifications of the engine, horsepower and torque output, rear gear ratio, and the application which it will serve, as well as DYNO test it the equivalent of 100 miles to ensure its perfect function before ever leaving the facility.

Anyone from Los Angeles, California, to Nashville, Tennessee, who are looking for off-road or tow-and-go transmissions can count on the reliability and expertise behind the master technicians of custom-built high-performance automatic E4OD transmissions from Gearstar Performance Transmissions. This hot rod transmission company excels at modifying and perfecting any GM, Ford, or Mopar performance transmission, whether it’s going behind a mild small block or a 528 Hemi. Anyone from Savannah, Georgia, to Lubbock, Texas, who has trusted Gearstar in the past comes back every time and spreads the word that they approach each transmission as if it were going into their own car or truck.

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