All Creatures Animal Clinic & Lodge near Clinton Offers Pet Laser Therapy for Your Companion

Just as we want the best possible care for our family members, we also want the best possible care for our pets. At All Creatures Animal Clinic & Lodge, your pet is given the professional and nurturing care they need to stay healthy—regardless of their age! This is made possible by the dedicated veterinarians and state-of-the-art equipment available at this Clinton, Ohio area location. As a matter-of-fact, All Creatures Veterinary Clinic & Lodge even offers drug-free pet treatments and pet arthritis treatments that can enhance your pet’s life. How? With pet laser therapy, your furry friend can get the relief they need to start living the way they should at their Medina, Ohio or Hinckley, Ohio home. Best of all, this gentle treatment is an excellent form of pain relief for dogs and cats that are recovering from surgery or other wounds. In some cases, medications may still be needed to help along the healing process. To determine the best treatment option for your pet, you will need to speak with your veterinarian.If you’re from the Doylestown, Ohio area and think that laser therapy may be right for your pet, contact All Creatures Veterinary Clinic & Lodge.

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