View the Changing Cleveland, Ohio Landscape from the Air with Fall Skydiving from Cleveland Skydiving Center

There’s just nothing like autumn in the Summit County, Ohio and Cuyahoga County, Ohio areas. While we may all complain about the temperamental weather throughout Ohio, no one can argue that the fall season in our great state is anything less than picturesque. But if there’s one activity that beats walking down the leaf-covered streets of Akron, Ohio or Cleveland, Ohio, it’s seeing the changes from above—10,500 feet above to be exact. Fall skydiving gives adventure seekers the chance to not only experience a thrilling parachute jump, but to get an aerial view of the beautiful scenery below. And Cleveland Skydiving Center can capture the entire trip from start to finish with their affordable skydiving package. During the months of fall, Cleveland Skydiving Center will be offering discounted tandem skydiving for beginners, as well as skydiving photos and video to capture each individual’s descent to the brightly-colored landscape beneath them!

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