Visit Cevasco Jewelers in Tallmadge, Ohio, for Custom Designed Engagement Rings with Diamonds at Wholesale Prices

By Fiona Vernon

As someone stands at the front of the aisle and watches their beloved walk toward them, the process it took to get to this moment is forgotten. Their only thought is the love that they feel for that person with whom they plan on spending the rest of their life. This is especially true if everything went smoothly during the process. Sometimes the most stressful part was the catalyst — the decision to propose and the choosing of the engagement ring. The average age for men and women to marry in the 1960s was about 20 years old and has gradually increased to today’s average age of 29. With many people from Stow, Ohio, to Green, Ohio, establishing their careers prior to marriage and being older when they choose to settle down, couples are more likely to choose bridal jewelry together; however, many still find appeal in the traditional process of getting on their knee and proposing with a ring that they selected on their own. Regardless of the course that one prefers, Cevasco Jewelers in Tallmadge, Ohio, provides the highest quality custom designed engagement rings. Whether starting with loose diamonds for an engagement ring or choosing a unique piece from their collection, this local jewelry store specializes in a wide selection of wedding rings. Anyone from Uniontown, Ohio, and beyond will also find that they frequently offer diamond jewelry sales, reducing the cost of the jewelry and diamonds that are already at wholesale prices. The integrity of family-owned Cevasco Jewelers stands out, making them the only jeweler an individual needs to visit when beginning the journey of matrimony.

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