Visit Cevasco Jewelers in Tallmadge, Ohio, for Custom Designed Engagement Rings with Diamonds at Wholesale Prices

By Fiona Vernon

As someone stands at the front of the aisle and watches their beloved walk toward them, the process it took to get to this moment is forgotten. Their only thought is the love that they feel for that person with whom they plan on spending the rest of their life. This is especially true if everything went smoothly during the process. Sometimes the most stressful part was the catalyst — the decision to propose and the choosing of the engagement ring. The average age for men and women to marry in the 1960s was about 20 years old and has gradually increased to today’s average age of 29. With many people from Stow, Ohio, to Green, Ohio, establishing their careers prior to marriage and being older when they choose to settle down, couples are more likely to choose bridal jewelry together; however, many still find appeal in the traditional process of getting on their knee and proposing with a ring that they selected on their own. Regardless of the course that one prefers, Cevasco Jewelers in Tallmadge, Ohio, provides the highest quality custom designed engagement rings. Whether starting with loose diamonds for an engagement ring or choosing a unique piece from their collection, this local jewelry store specializes in a wide selection of wedding rings. Anyone from Uniontown, Ohio, and beyond will also find that they frequently offer diamond jewelry sales, reducing the cost of the jewelry and diamonds that are already at wholesale prices. The integrity of family-owned Cevasco Jewelers stands out, making them the only jeweler an individual needs to visit when beginning the journey of matrimony.

If someone from Green decides to choose the diamond engagement ring themselves, but finds themselves overwhelmed, they will find comfort in talking to the compassionate, Christian family at Cevasco Jewelers. They offer 90 years’ experience in loose diamonds and custom designed jewelry, while keeping abreast of current fashion trends. They can assist someone new to jewelry while they try to pick what their future fiancé would appreciate. There is a process for choosing a ring, and one of the first things to remember is that shape matters most. An individual in Stow or Uniontown must know if their partner would prefer marquis, princess, round, oval cut, or even more. This local jewelry store works directly with diamond cutters, avoiding the middleman, meaning they can offer diamonds at wholesale prices. The next preference to choose is the setting, which can bring the chosen loose diamond to a whole new level, whether choosing a traditional or modern look. Paying attention to a partner’s style in jewelry may be more difficult and necessitate the involvement of a friend or family member, but the reconnaissance can be an adventure. This information can help in choosing the metal for the ring, including platinum, gold, white gold, and more. Individuals will consult their budget as they look to the advice of Cevasco Jewelers for sage advice, and will find that their diamond jewelry sales will give them additional value. Not only do they offer diamonds at wholesale prices, but they are presenting up to 50% off through the end of the year, with a coupon for an additional 10% off, to make the pricing even more accommodating.

The trend today in Tallmadge and beyond is that couples like to shop for their bridal jewelry together. The bride would be more likely to counsel with the jeweler on a custom designed engagement ring if she knows exactly what she likes, and one of the best parts of shopping together is that it allows the couple to pick the wedding rings and engagement ring together. This will behoove both parties since it is the intention for each to wear it the rest of their lives. Cevasco Jewelers takes away any stress about choosing, since they can easily modify any jewelry over the coming years with their custom design work by Caterina. Anyone who visits this local jewelry store will feel immediately comfortable as soon as they walk through the doors. Their mission statement isn’t just a declaration to draw someone in, it’s how they do business. It is what has kept them trusted by generations for 90 years. Young couples aren’t just picking bridal jewelry to be passed down to their children, but they are also picking a business with whom they will trust their jewelry repair, refurbishment, and purchases in the future. Their mission statement says it all:

“We specialize in diamonds, engagement rings, natural color stone jewelry, one-of-a-kind jewelry artwork, custom family heirlooms, jewelry repairs and refurbishing, cash for unwanted gold, silver platinum, diamonds or coins.

Our goal is to provide our clients with honesty and integrity while ensuring the highest quality jewelry and the most competitive prices.

Our mission is to share profits with those who are less fortunate.

Step into our store and experience the friendly warm atmosphere you’ve been looking for.”

Marrying the person with whom one has chosen to spend the rest of their lives is such an exciting and humbling occasion. Many couples take their time planning the day of matrimony down to the very last detail, but the process started with a decision and an engagement ring. Individuals looking for a compassionate, knowledgeable, and Christian family-owned local jewelry store will be impressed as soon as they enter Cevasco Jewelers in Tallmadge, Ohio. Whether someone in Uniontown, Ohio, needs guidance in choosing bridal jewelry for their future fiancé, or a couple in Stow, Ohio, is searching for a custom designed diamond engagement ring and wedding rings together, everyone can be guaranteed to receive superior quality, personal service, and unique loose diamonds at wholesale prices, as well as a diamond jewelry sale until the end of the year. Anyone in Green, Ohio, and beyond can take the short drive to peruse the vast selection of exquisite designs at Cevasco Jewelers.

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