Anyone from Willoughby, Ohio, Looking for a Fun Weekend Activity Can Book a Room at Trapped! Escape Room

By Fiona Vernon

“Hey, honey, want to go bowling?”

“Would you like to go out to eat?”
“OK, but then what? I’m sick of bars.”

“Hey! Want to catch a movie?”
“Meh…so boring.”

“Hey! How about trying Trapped! Escape Room?”
“Ooh! Yes, please! That sounds awesome!”

This conversation could occur in any of the living rooms from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, to Willoughby, Ohio, as the fall brings weather that encourages people to find more indoor entertainment. It is too early for people in Broadview Heights, Ohio, to go snow skiing and too late for them to find solace in outdoor adventures, so it’s difficult coming up with what to do instead of a movie. Any individual from Middleburg Heights, Ohio, and beyond looking for a unique weekend activity will not be disappointed when they book a room for indoor gaming at one of the four locations of Trapped! Escape Room. When deciding to take advantage of one of the 16 rooms available at a variety of skill levels, one not only experiences a fun night out, but may also increase their communication skills and learn to trust others. Trapped! Escape Room can provide ten reasons why enjoying an escape room challenge is better than going to a movie.

Friends in Cleveland Heights who reconnected for the new school year or a couple from Broadview Heights who have been together for some time search for entertainment on nights that they are bored. People are always looking for what new and unique weekend activities they can discover instead of going to a movie. The first and best reason is that watching a movie is a passive activity. It’s so passive and requires so little thought that many are afflicted with the problem of falling asleep while attempting to watch them. Movies are a great outlet for some, but enjoying an escape room challenge creates an immersive affect instead of sitting on the sidelines watching the action. In video or board games, one controls an avatar that experiences the action; however, at Trapped! Escape Room, individuals are fully-immersed in the action, as if the gamer and avatar are one and the same. It also combines a variety of entertainment venues — from point-and-click games to sports activities to scavenger hunts — so it allows participants to get the best of a variety of fun pursuits. It helps people to understand the benefits of teamwork and relying on the intelligence of others, as well as making one realize that not all arrive at any experience with the same knowledge on any given subject. Someone may know all there is to know about physics, but lack imaginative skills, while another person can complement them in their creativity. This fun night out is intense because once the doors close, people realize that their teammates are all that they have to rely on to solve the puzzle and escape the room.

Indoor gaming teaches that people who don’t have much in common can still come together to construct a solution, so they will learn to trust others. Anyone from Middleburg Heights to Willoughby who has visited Trapped! Escape Room can attest to the sense of adventure that participating in an escape room creates, especially if someone has been a gaming fan of any type throughout their life. Items that are placed in the rooms are never done so without intention, so many people learn that everything ties together in the end. Each participant must analyze every part of the room to see if it ties into the end result and affects the outcome. Another of the most important benefits of escape rooms are that it is perfect for a date night, because it increases communication. Instead of holding hands and not getting to know each other in a theater, the two people must talk to compare ideas and viewpoints on what each clue may mean for the end result.

Anyone from Broadview Height, Ohio, to Willoughby, Ohio, can book one of the 16 rooms throughout the four locations of Trapped! Escape Room when they are searching for what to do instead of a movie. Not only will they find a fun night out within a variety of escape room challenges and skill levels, but they will also learn effective life skills, such as trusting others and increasing communication. There are a plethora of reasons that people find themselves addicted to indoor gaming, and Trapped! Escape Room is the perfect place at which to find a unique weekend activity that will satisfy each participating personality. Anyone can call and book a room from Cleveland Height, Ohio, to Middleburg Heights, Ohio, for a weekend of bonding and getting to know more about oneself and others!

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