Visit Lake Erie Golf Cars near Cleveland, Ohio to See Their Featured Tailgating Vehicle!

Have you ever been in the parking lot outside of a football stadium in Columbus, Ohio or Cincinnati, Ohio, patiently waiting for the game to begin, when you notice another fan driving past in an outrageous tailgating vehicle? If you have, then chances are you were green with envy! Not only are those custom recreational vehicles just fun to look at, but they’re extremely convenient! You can safely store all of your food and beverages, you have a comfortable place to sit down, and you can move through a sea of people much easier. Who wouldn’t move out of the way for a flashy cart heading down the runway? Well, if you’ve ever thought about getting one of these custom built golf cars to use while tailgating or on future camping trips, you don’t want to miss out on the Budweiser car from Lake Erie Golf Cars! This specialty golf car is for sale from Cleveland, Ohio-based LEGC, and it includes a lot of really great features for those who want a fun, new way to travel. If you can’t make it to the Erie RV Show in Erie, Pennsylvania next month, why not stop by Lake Erie Golf Cars now to see this unique vehicle in person?

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