For Quality Outdoor Swing Sets from Play Mor, Visit Keim Family Market in Seaman, Ohio

Visiting your local big-box retailer may seem convenient, but more often than not we’re left feeling as though we’ve sacrificed quality for quantity. Not only is the merchandise offered at such establishments low grade, but the customer service you receive is noticeably lacking. Fortunately for those who reside around the Southern Ohio region, there are a number of locally-owned retailers that put high-quality products and excellent customer service first. And one of those retailers just happens to be Keim Family Market in Seaman, Ohio. With their extensive selection of fresh baked goods, attractive furnishings, and Amish-made play structures, Keim Family Market makes it so that families throughout the Cincinnati, Ohio; West Union, Ohio; and Marysville, Kentucky areas can find the products they need and the service they deserve. In fact, their line of wooden play sets from Play Mor Swing Sets even gives little ones the opportunity to obtain their own custom play set! Having been a distributor of these premium outdoor swing sets for a few years now, Keim Family Market has been able to see firsthand how families can benefit from expertly-crafted children’s swing sets and all of the features that come with them.

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