Sare Plastics Brings Quality, American Made Parts to Companies near Cleveland, Ohio

If you’re a manufacturer, you know how many tiny components go into creating a finished product.  You also know that not every part can be produced in your own Youngstown, Ohio or Cleveland, Ohio factory.  So, who do you turn to when you need plastic components that are made in the United States and can be shipped or delivered to you without incurring a great deal of extra expenses?  If you’re in Mansfield, Ohio, you look to Sare Plastics.  Located in Alliance, Ohio, Sare Plastics is a local company that specializes in custom plastic injection moldingSare Plastics understands the importance of precision in manufacturing, and strives to provide each client with the highest quality American made parts, while also going the extra mile whenever possible, such as assembling sub-systems to save you time.

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