Decorate Your Patio with Custom Outdoor Cushions from Terra Patio & Garden in Mill Valley, California

With Mother’s Day coming up fast, you can expect to receive a number of precious gifts from your little ones and spouse. A handmade picture frame, a piece of jewelry with your children’s birthstones, a day at the spa… Any of these would make for a wonderful present. However, that’s not to say that your gifts are limited to what your family gives you—not at all! In fact, you could treat yourself and your Kentfield, Larkspur, or Tiburon home by purchasing a few custom outdoor cushions. With patio seat cushions covered in tasteful and durable Sunbrella fabric, you can give your San Francisco area patio a completely new look. And since Terra Patio & Garden in Mill Valley will be holding their annual Mother’s Day sale, you can even get the outdoor chair and sofa cushions you want at a discounted price!

For those of you who reside in the San Francisco area, your outdoor space is undoubtedly one of your family’s favorite places. Your children play games with your dog in the backyard, your husband practices his golf swing amidst the grass, your friends congregate around the patio, and you tend to the rapidly growing flowers in your garden. Doesn’t it make sense then to spruce up your outdoor space and make it as comfortable as possible? And what better time to do so than right around Mother’s Day when the weather is ideal?

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