Summit Releaf in Akron, Ohio, Provides Medical Marijuana Evaluations & Same-Day Ohio Marijuana Cards

By Fiona Vernon

People have been healing themselves with cannabis, or marijuana, for over 3,000 years according to the National Institute of Health (NIH). While it is only approved for use in 21 qualifying conditions in Ohio, the United States has come a long way with 33 states plus the District of Columbiana making medical marijuana available and, in some cases, recreational use has been approved. Whether a terminally ill patient  in Summit County, Ohio, is looking for non-opioid pain management or an individual in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, with ulcerative colitis wants to take advantage of the benefits of medical marijuana as an all-natural treatment, Summit Releaf provides medical marijuana evaluations by doctors certified to recommend (CTR) and, many times, same-day Ohio medical marijuana cards. The board-certified medical marijuana doctors and staff at this locally owned and operated medical marijuana clinic help patients through the medical marijuana card process in addition to their discounts for veterans and those on disability. Individuals from Akron, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, wanting to know how to obtain medical cannabis will have all their questions answered and receive a dispensary ID card by trusting the experts at Summit Releaf!

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