Stark County, Ohio, Trusts Local Medical Marijuana Clinic Summit Releaf for Non-Opioid Pain Control

By Fiona Vernon

It takes a vast array of personalities to make up society; however, a plethora of mental and physical similarities exist that make everyone human. Doctors are necessary in the social order because of their extensive knowledge of what works to heal the human body; however, it is necessary to find the doctor that meshes with one’s morals and belief systems. Many people from Medina County, Ohio, to Stark County, Ohio, trying to find non-opioid pain control and all-natural treatments may want to take advantage of the benefits of medical marijuana by visiting the doctors certified to recommend medical marijuana at Summit Releaf. This local medical marijuana clinic with board-certified doctors has spent time forming extensive community connections and are sponsors at many local events — including Akron Pride Festival, PorchRokr Music and Art Festival, Kylie Rose’s Run, Ohio Business Competes, and Copley Creekside Farmer’s Market. Everyone from Brunswick, Ohio, to North Canton, Ohio, looking for medical marijuana evaluations from CTR doctors can usually obtain their Ohio marijuana card the very same day, in addition to getting card discounts for veterans and those on disability. Call Summit Releaf (330.926.6911) today for details on the qualifying conditions and to learn how to obtain medical cannabis with a medical marijuana card!

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