Sample Flavorful Craft Beers at Ohio Brewing Company’s New Location in Akron, Ohio This February

Ohio Brewing Company_LogoThe long-awaited grand opening of Ohio Brewing Company’s new location is growing closer, much to the delight of craft beer drinkers everywhere. Though the new bar was initially set to open at the end of last year, the staff members at Ohio Brewing Company decided to hold off until everything was up to their high standards. Now that the menus have been ordered, the microbrews have been stocked, and the interior is nearing completion, this Akron, Ohio-based brewpub will be inviting area natives to spend happy hour at their establishment in just a few short weeks. With everything this local, award-winning brewery has to offer, residents from Canton, Ohio to Cleveland, Ohio will undoubtedly be making the trip to Ohio Brewing Company this February.

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