Beachy’s Country Chalet Amish Restaurant Is Perfect for Banquets in the Stark, Holmes, and Tuscarawas County Areas!

You’re sitting in your Stark County, Ohio home when you suddenly get a strong craving for country cooking. Unfortunately, you have a tendency to burn fried chicken and liquefy apple pie. Needless to say, you’re not the world’s best cook. So where can you get a home cooked meal outside of your home? How about taking a trip down to Beachy’s Country Chalet? A favorite Amish restaurant around the Tuscarawas County, Ohio and Holmes County, Ohio area, Beachy’s offers a family friendly atmosphere and extensive menu to choose from. And if you’re looking to celebrate a birthday, gather for a family reunion, or just have a get together with friends, Beachy’s Country Chalet can provide banquet service in a private area.

Some of Beachy’s signature dishes are featured right on the hostess stand!

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