Fairview Log Homes Designs Contemporary Homes for Residents in Guernsey County, Ohio and Beyond

By Gemma Chriss

Most people envision log structures as rustic dwellings surrounded by trees, but these types of homes can actually be modified to fit even those with less traditional tastes. The key is finding a contractor near one’s location that specializes in custom home design. In order to obtain the pine/cedar house one desires, it’s crucial to partner with a business that has experience with residential construction and log cabins in particular. Recently, Fairview Log Homes finished working on a contemporary home they built for a family not far from Holmes County, Ohio. Individuals throughout the Tuscarawas County, Ohio and Guernsey County, Ohio areas who are unsure as to whether a log home would fit their style and needs will undoubtedly be surprised by how attractive and modern a residence from Fairview Log Homes can be.

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