QDA’s Community Involvement in Northeast Ohio Helps to Stress the Importance of Education

The World Wide Web is filled with organizations that promote online studies for students who prefer a more laidback and flexible learning environment. But it often seems that offering online classes is all that they do. Aside from getting children to graduation, they have no role in stressing the importance of education—not like QDA does. This Ohio-based organization doesn’t just provide students with a unique form of schooling, they are a major proponent of community involvement and working with others to show how vital a good education is to a child’s future. In addition to hosting book drives around Akron, Ohio and career fairs around East Liverpool, Ohio, QDA has teamed up with a Jefferson County, Ohio school to offer college coursework to their online students. These community events set QDA apart from similar organizations as they show just how dedicated this web-based school is to learning and growth.

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