DeVitis Italian Deli & Market in Akron, Ohio Has Garden-Picked Herbs and Other Fresh Ingredients

It’s a typical Monday afternoon. You’re standing in your kitchen, debating on what to make for dinner when all of a sudden—BAM! You’re struck with inspiration! Instead of heating up a frozen casserole or ordering take-out yet again, why not prepare your own authentic Italian meal? Not only are there loads of great recipes on the Internet that you can use, but you have a specialty grocery store right down the road! DeVitis Italian Deli & Market in Akron, Ohio offers all sorts of Italian delicacies, deli meats and cheeses, garden-picked herbs and more. By stopping over at DeVitis Italian Deli & Market, you can get the fresh ingredients you need to create a dinner masterpiece in your own Fairlawn, Ohio or Barberton, Ohio home!

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