Don’t Rent A Car for Vacation! Call Graphic Accents in Akron, Ohio, for Stone Chip Protection with Clear Auto Bras

By Fiona Vernon

The majority of cars can be found rolling across the roadways during the months of summer, because people love to take vacations with their loved ones while feeling the warmth of the sun caress their skin. A growing number of people from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Akron, Ohio, have found that they would rather rent a vehicle to prevent damage to their car’s paint job when taking it on a long trip; however, that doesn’t have to be the case with the vehicle paint protection film (PPF) at which Graphic Accents excels. With travelers growing more aware of the benefits of clear auto bras, or car wraps, this vehicle wrap shop uses the industry’s best 3M products that are designed to fit each vehicle like a glove, protecting it from stone chips, bugs, dirt, scratches, and nicks. It will boost the car’s trade-in value, since it causes no damage when removed years later and leaves the finish as glossy as when it was put on. Additionally, this local automotive graphics company offers full professional graphic design, printing, and installation so that any sized business can market their reputation with cost-effective advertising that will attract new customers. Whether a driver in Fairlawn, Ohio, values their assets or a business owner in Hartville, Ohio, wants a partner with whom they can promote their company, they will be glad they chose Graphic Accents for the best custom vehicle wraps.

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