Homeowners in Bath, Ohio, can call EcoTec Insulation & Construction for LockDry® Waterproof Aluminum Decking

By Fiona Vernon

Spring has sprung, and the daffodils are finally confident enough to show their faces after trying numerous times only to find more snow. After a winter of staring at the same four walls, homeowners may walk outside to enjoy their coffee on a sunshiny morning and notice that their deck is in great need of cleaning and staining. Anyone from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, who despise the stripping and staining that accompanies a traditional deck can find a low-maintenance deck at EcoTec Insulation and Construction. This local deck builder provides the benefits of LockDry® decking, a powder-coated waterproof aluminum deck whether a homeowner in Macedonia, Ohio, is looking to avoid annual deck maintenance or an individual in Bath, Ohio, wants to beautify and expand their outdoor living space. One effortless phone call to the experts at EcoTec Insulation and Construction allows anyone to spend more time enjoying their outdoors instead of working on it.

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