Homeowners in Bath, Ohio, can call EcoTec Insulation & Construction for LockDry® Waterproof Aluminum Decking

By Fiona Vernon

Spring has sprung, and the daffodils are finally confident enough to show their faces after trying numerous times only to find more snow. After a winter of staring at the same four walls, homeowners may walk outside to enjoy their coffee on a sunshiny morning and notice that their deck is in great need of cleaning and staining. Anyone from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, who despise the stripping and staining that accompanies a traditional deck can find a low-maintenance deck at EcoTec Insulation and Construction. This local deck builder provides the benefits of LockDry® decking, a powder-coated waterproof aluminum deck whether a homeowner in Macedonia, Ohio, is looking to avoid annual deck maintenance or an individual in Bath, Ohio, wants to beautify and expand their outdoor living space. One effortless phone call to the experts at EcoTec Insulation and Construction allows anyone to spend more time enjoying their outdoors instead of working on it.

Beautifying and expanding a home’s outdoor living space not only adds value, but it also creates a comfortable, soothing atmosphere in which families can relax and entertain. EcoTec Insulation and Construction is well known from Bath to Cleveland for their installation of pest and fire-resistant insulation, but they also excel at installing LockDry® decking. Many homes have second or third level decks with space underneath that is essentially lost; however, this local deck builder can instantly create extra space in any weather. This waterproof aluminum decking not only results in a beautifully finished and gapless deck, but when installed on a higher level, it transforms the area underneath into a dry outdoor patio, carport, or storage area.

For years, many homeowners from Cuyahoga Falls to Macedonia only considered the differences between traditional wooden decks and composite decking, but as they discovered the benefits of powder-coated aluminum decking, they are choosing it to upgrade their properties. Individuals who are always looking for ways to avoid annual deck maintenance are thrilled when they discover the low-maintenance of LockDry® decking. It will not crack, rot, warp, or break like traditional decks, since it doesn’t absorb water or moisture. It’s also lighter in weight, while offering incredible strength and durability. It won’t rust and isn’t susceptible to termites or other forms of pest infestations. No special cleansers, sealants, or stains are required to maintain the beauty of a LockDry® deck, making it truly maintenance-free. Another significant benefit is the fact that regardless of what the weather may bring — including sun, humidity, and salinity — its powder coat finish retains color and won’t fade. Its UV stability also provides a cooler surface for everyone to enjoy. A benefit many don’t consider, yet offers peace of mind and superior safety, is the fact that aluminum decking has a Class “A” fire rating and flame spread of “0”, meaning it’s non-combustible and won’t emit toxic fumes when exposed to high temperatures. EcoTec Insulation and Construction can install this perfect deck to anyone who truly wants to immediately enjoy the nice weather when it arrives.

Any homeowner from Macedonia, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, can imagine walking outside on the evening of the first nice day of spring to enjoy a glass of wine and find that they don’t have to perform even one single item of maintenance. They can simply enjoy the atmosphere of their backyard with their amazing LockDry® decking. One call to EcoTec Insulation and Construction allows any homeowner from Bath, Ohio, to Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, expand and beautify their outdoor living space with a low-maintenance, waterproof, powder-coated aluminum decking. This local deck builder can instantly create additional space to enjoy while allowing their customers to avoid annual deck maintenance. Everyone who calls EcoTec Insulation and Construction for a LockDry® deck will love the benefits of the results for many years to come.

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