West Side Auto: Common Signs Your Brakes are in Need of Repair

It’s a typical spring day. The weather is warm, your windows are down and your listening to your favorite station as you drive from your home in Fredericksburg, Ohio to your job in Berlin, Ohio. You come to a stop sign and you notice this funny sound. At first you play it off as something in the background of the song you’re listening to, but then it happens again and again. As you turn down the radio, you realize that funny sound is coming from your brakes!

Fortunately, for those who reside in Holmes County, Ohio and Wayne County, Ohio, when it comes to finding affordable brake service and quality auto repair, the place to turn to is West Side Auto in Millersburg, Ohio. Unfortunately for most, the lack of knowledge on the common signs of brake wear leave them coming in for an estimate when you are more likely going to need to have your brakes replaced as opposed to just having them repaired or serviced.

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