West Side Auto: Common Signs Your Brakes are in Need of Repair

It’s a typical spring day. The weather is warm, your windows are down and your listening to your favorite station as you drive from your home in Fredericksburg, Ohio to your job in Berlin, Ohio. You come to a stop sign and you notice this funny sound. At first you play it off as something in the background of the song you’re listening to, but then it happens again and again. As you turn down the radio, you realize that funny sound is coming from your brakes!

Fortunately, for those who reside in Holmes County, Ohio and Wayne County, Ohio, when it comes to finding affordable brake service and quality auto repair, the place to turn to is West Side Auto in Millersburg, Ohio. Unfortunately for most, the lack of knowledge on the common signs of brake wear leave them coming in for an estimate when you are more likely going to need to have your brakes replaced as opposed to just having them repaired or serviced.

Your brake system is the single most important feature of your vehicle. Without properly working brakes, your vehicle will serve to only be a hazard for you and those around you. The skilled and certified technicians at West Side Auto know the importance of ensuring your brakes are in good working order and want to share some of the common signs of brake wear. These signs will serve to help you recognize problems early on and seek out affordable brake service before they become an extremely costly repair or even worse, fail and put you and the other drivers in Holmes County and Wayne County in danger.

One of the most common signs that you need to have your brakes serviced come in the form of strange noises. As you pull up to a stop sign in Fredericksburg, if you hear a loud high pitch squeal, you should make it a point to have your brakes serviced. Your brakes are designed with an indicator strip that will make contact with the rotor when the brakes have been worn down to about a 1/4 inch thick and is the source for the loud squeal you hear.

So you’ve ignored the squealing noise and one day as your visiting a friend in Berlin you notice a grinding noise as you apply the brakes. This is a clear sign that your brakes have worn down and now the metal of the brake pad is pressing directly to the rotor. This metal to metal contact causes the two to grind against one another, which continues to reduce the efficiency of your brakes and causes damage to your rotor.

Other signs of brake wear come in the form of a metallic-like smell when you apply the brakes or noticing the brake pedal goes all the way to the floor. These are clear signs that you need to have your brakes inspected. Unfortunately, even if they are just searching for an estimate on the repair of their brakes, a lot people are distrusting of auto shops. Though they are a necessity to maintaining your vehicle in good working order, most will try to avoid going to a shop until the small problem of a brake pad showing signs of wear has become a very expensive repair. Fortunately, if you live or work in the greater Millersburg region, you will find that by entrusting the highly skilled technicians at West Side Auto with the service and repair of your automotive, you will receive only the highest quality of service and parts.

What sets West Side Auto apart from their competition is their quality automotive repair and service as well as their dedication to providing honest, trustworthy service to residents of Holmes County, Ohio and Wayne County, Ohio. As a general automotive maintenance and repair service center, they pride themselves in maintaining their good standing and reputation within the Millersburg, Ohio; Berlin, Ohio and Fredericksburg, Ohio region and no repairs or services will be done to your vehicle without one of their technicians consulting you first. So if you notice one of the common signs of break wear don’t wait until they fail to seek out affordable brake service. Stop on into West Side Auto for an inspection on your brakes and an estimate on any repairs they may need. For more information about their services or their hours of operation visit their website: www.westsideautoohio.com or contact them directly at 330.674.6979.

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