The Silent Mind of Northeast Ohio Helps Those Searching for Self-Realization

Oftentimes we think of fitness as a way to improve our outer appearance. We focus on exercises that can help us build strong muscles, flat stomachs and lean figures. Unfortunately, many find that this outside-in approach doesn’t accomplish what they’re really after—self-realization and enlightenment. Being truly happy and at peace with yourself requires more than sweat and mindless exercise. Real health, true health, can only arise from an inside-out approach that doesn’t focus on mere physical appearance, but the training of your mind and spirit as well. In order to find clarity, spirituality, health, and vitality, you must work on your inner-self—striving to become more in tune with your Inner Being. And that is the primary reason why The Silent Mind of Twinsburg, Ohio teaches “enlightened fitness.” Traditional gyms and fitness studios have little to no regard for mental and spiritual health practices, but The Silent Mind believes that the journey to happiness and wellbeing begins inside. This Northeast Ohio center has helped make it possible for people all over the area to find peace and joy in their lives by learning what meditation classes, yoga classes, Deeksha/Diksha entrainments, and tai chi classes teach them. They have learned that true health and happiness is much more than the number on the scale or the size of their clothes. Continue reading

The Silent Mind in Twinsburg, Ohio Offers Health and Spiritual Enlightenment

Are you looking for a way to incorporate health and fitness regimens that are naturally good for the whole body? If so, then The Silent Mind in Twinsburg, Ohio is a place that you need to visit. This facility is conveniently located near the Hudson, Ohio and Solon, Ohio areas and offers a variety of health-related activities for your enjoyment. The goal of The Silent Mind is to assist you in your self-development and self improvement. They take a unique approach to accomplishing this by offering a membership-based school that is family oriented and offers coursework for kids, teens and adults.  Their health and spiritual enlightenment classes are offered in several different ways. There is self defense and family martial arts—more specifically, Aikido, Kung Fu and Jujutsu classes. These aren’t your average Karate classes! Also offered at The Silent Mind are massage services and acupuncture treatments. Both of these techniques are highly effective in the treatment of certain ailments. All of these practices at The Silent Mind will work together in calming overworked minds and help relieving the body of stress.

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